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your sister misty grief January 17, 2019

Grief.....its the price we pay for those we love n lost. I say love not loved because I love my sister just as much as I did before. It hasnt dulled, it hasnt tarnished it has simple been there, always. Today I choose to take the time and remember every single happy memory I have with her. I am thankful that in some ways I still get to see her. In my mothers face, my fathers feet And humor, my siblings personalities, my daughters attitude and even in the mirror looking back at me. She was a blessing! So today I'm going to celebrate her! FOREVER IN MY HEART I LOVE YOU SIS!!!!

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Bettie Murray my star December 15, 2018
Bettie Murray snowflakes to heaven December 9, 2018
Bettie Murray remember me November 16, 2018
jc happy birthday amanda May 4, 2018
your sister misty Happy birthday sissy May 4, 2018

Today she would have been 33. It almost doesn't seem possible that I've lived these last 13 years without her. Words dont begin to describe the ache that is always there longing to give her just one more hug or tell her one more "I love you". Now my memories of her have become my most treasured. Happy birthday sissy ! Until our souls meet again know that I am loving you every second of ever day!!!

your sister misty missing you April 4, 2018
jc an angel January 17, 2018
your sister misty my angel January 17, 2018
I look at these photos and it almost seems unreal to me that it's been 13 years since God took her home. I still remember her hugs, her smile, her laugh.....I miss her. So many beautiful memories I have of us was always the two of us....mandy and misty ....13 years later my heart knows no different I still love her just as much as I ever did. I've tried to just ignore this day and I can't it's like my soul feels the day getting closer, and the closer it gets the sharpe...r the pain.... she was one of a kind I loved that about her. She was my first best friend and my partner in crime growing up...usually unwillingly but she always gave in lol. I just miss her half hugs, her silly singing, her drool on her pillow, her picking on me, her phone calls asking me to come cook her food, the stupid songs she would play over and over to annoy me, but most of all I miss our bond our unbreakable bond that can never be replaced!!!! I love you sissy always I pray you are dancing with angels until I see you again I will be missing you!!!!!
misty trapp just because December 23, 2017
Bettie Murray way to heaven December 23, 2017
Bettie Murray chrismas in heaven December 23, 2017
Bettie Murray i loving memory December 7, 2017
Bettie Murray my right to mourn November 14, 2017
Bettie Murray when i lost you November 14, 2017
Bettie Murray angel in heaven October 20, 2017
Bettie Murray loved one October 4, 2017
Bettie Murray I love you Amanda (Mom September 7, 2017
Bettie Murray still missing you May 27, 2017
JC I NEVER LEFT YOU April 23, 2017
jc dear santa December 18, 2016
I LOVE YOU AMANDA (MOM) angel in heaven September 4, 2016
I LOVE YOU AMANDA (MOM) forever missed October 23, 2015
I LOVE YOU AMANDA (MOM) forever October 21, 2015
your sister misty happy birthday May 4, 2015

Today my sister would have been 30 . I wonder who she would have been, what nieces or nephews she would have given me, and I wonder just how close we would be. It's hard to not to wonder. It's hard not to miss her. If she was here today I probably would have woken her up super early with a crazy phone call and teased her about being an old lady lol. We probably would have gone out and celebrated saying goodbye to her 20s. I can only imagine! .....Life doesn't always happen the way you plan it to. So instead I'll remember those amazing days I did have with her and I'll sing her happy birthday from here in hopes that I'm loud enough to reach heaven and I'll celebrate the day God blessed us w her!!!! Happy birthday sis I love you! Once my angel on earth, now my angel in heaven!

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