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your sisters

To my sisters, from heaven.

I just wanted you to know.

That I'll be with you wherever you go.

I've gotten my wings and learned how to fly.

And I'll dry your tears whenever you cry.

Though I've went away and it seems we're apart.

You will forever be my soul and my heart.

The love that we shared will not go astray.

For deep in my heart it will always stay.

You held me close when I was filled with pain.

And your smile gave me sunshine when my life filled with rain.

You guided me when no one else could.

You protected me when no one else would.

We've shared so much that mere words can't express how knowing you has made me feel truly blessed.

So please dear sisters, fret not for me, for now my soul is truly free.

So think of me often, as much as you can.

And I'll always be there to hold your hand.

I'll be your angel and guide you through life.

I'll give you comfort through torment and strife.

So thanks dear sisters again and again, thank you always for being my sisters and my friend

A Friend
She was so intelligent
so beautiful,
so full of hope and promise.
What a blessing she has been
to all of us who knew her
those few short years.
She taught us to love,
to hope beyond expectation,
to trust in that which is unseen.
She drew us together
in our anxiety,
our moments of despairing and hopelessness,
as well as in our joys and delight,
and in her every breath.
Her life ended prematurely;
just so had she been born.
Too soon she died.
We wept.
The tears continue.
We hugged
and held one another.
The pain will always linger.
Our hearts emptier
for her absence
and the unfulfilled dreams
she promised.
But the love she brought
into our lives will live forever.
Thank you for giving her to us.
Thank you for the blessing
that she will always be.
Thank you for the love we
would never have known,
but for her
and her brief days with us.
Thank you for Amanda
our blessed child of grace.



When I come to the end of the road

  and the sun has set for me

I want no rites in a gloom filled room

  Why cry for a soul set free

Miss me a little-but not too long

And not with your head bowed low

Remember the love we once showed

    Miss me-but let me go

For this journeythat we all must take

    And each must go alone

It's all of the Master's plan

  A step on the road to home

Whem you are lonely and sick of heart

  Go to the friends we know

   And bury your sorrows

      in doing good deeds


   Miss me- but let me go

someone who loves you

Where have you gone since yesterday-

And left us lonely here?

Today you seem so far away

Who yesterday was near.

celeste A. sandoval

  your happy your sad your smiling your mad your heart broken,smart and dumb. but mainly heart broken from missing loved ones like amanda alicia maria morrow, xavier cantu, and my grandpa louie felker.

celeste sandoval

  luv you and my family away miles from home.

Ashley Boggess
I was not fortunate enough to have known Alicia for more than four years.  However, the time that I did know Alicia was filled with many incredible moments that have now been turned into memories. I remember the Spanish video we had to make our Junior year of High School, where we had absolutely no clue what we were doing, but we didn't care so we let loose and had fun anyways! I remember the times we spent together at lunch every day Senior year of High School talking about how excited we were to finally start our lives. Most importantly, I remember Alicia as being the sweet, shy yet outgoing, fun-loving girl that would do anything for anyone.  She had a love for life, for her family, and for her best friend Betty!  Alicia taught me how to be a stronger person and to not care so much about what people think, even though it always bothered her.  There is not a day that goes by where she is not missed.  I know she is being taken care of in heaven, and I know she is always looking over her family!   
alisha was a quiet sweet girl who sat in my english class.We talked sometimes. She was incredibly nice and beautiful.
Misty ( your baby sis)

I have many memories of you sis! But there are some things i never got to tell you. Like how i use to watch you put on ur make up and wish i was as beautiful as you are. I use to admier you so much. To this day i still look up to you. I see you in my dreams at night and your still so beautiful !

     We always had so much fun together. We use to scare mom with fake mice, fight over the last sip of apple juice, and you always asked me to tell some one off for you since you never could yourself ( to sweet of a person or to shy to). I remeber with we were little you talked me into doing so much just so you could watch mom yell at me. Like when you talked me into making myself through up. That was a bad idea. Well thats all for today more memories for another time .  

Misty (baby sis)
Wow the memeories i have. You've been there since the day i was born. You even made me walk. I cant even begin to count the memories i have. The laughs, the cries, the times we scared mom. They were all wonderful, but the best memory was when me and you took my car out. I was driving and you wanted to do some donuts in the snow. We did a few and we both were screaming and laughing so hard i thought you were going to pee yourself. On the way home my car did a donut on its own and i was so scared because i didnt do it on purpose, but when i looked over you were laughing so hard you couldnt breath. You wasnt scared one bit you just said do it agian. Those times we shared as sisters i shall never forget. I miss that so much. I love you more then you know. You were once my angel on earth now your my angel in heaven. I will forever miss and love you
Aunt Dino
My sweet Mandy, there are so many, many fond memories that we all will cherish of you.  You left us all with a smile and a laugh at the things you'd do to entertain us.  Not only with your charm and your personality but your looks.  I remember how proud we were when we'd walk down the mall and all eyes were on you.  I was so proud to say you were my niece.  Your beauty just shined through. We were very blessed to have had you in our lives.  Be safe my sweet niece.  I will always have you in my heart and in my prayers.  May you shine above us and keep watch over us till we meet in me a good seat!! 
Tia Debby
I remember how cute and funny she looked when she would do her E.T. walk. How beautiful she was, growing up. Very, Very shy! I'll always regret not being able to download her voice. I would call her "telly", just to hear her. She was very original! God, please be extra watchful with this "Angel"! Plus mine! Until we see them again!
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